We focus our core services communications strategies that can include all or only a portion of:

  • Integrated Channel Planning
  • Audience Sizing and Segmentation,
  • Brand Planning 
  • Content Strategy
  • Programmatic Buying Strategies
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

We can also provide for implementation, optimization, budget stewardship services

  • Media Planning and Buying -- Traditional and Digital
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Paid Search
  • Web Site Optimizations or Builds
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Reporting Dashboarding
  • Creative Concepting and Development
  • Package Design
  • Production - Digital, Print, Video, Radio

We provide these services through our Partner companies, these can be offered as a seamless package, i.e. Theseus manages the whole process or a client can hire our Partners or whomever they wish to bring in and manage implementation on their own.


Media Audit

Theseus offers Media Auditing services that focus on channel planning and strategic communications optimizations.  We do not offer more traditional methods of Media Auditing which focus primarily on pricing, CPM optimizations and negotiation postures.


Partner Audit and Recommendation

Clients have an ever-increasing field of options for media buying services in the market-place, for instance the growth of Programmatic Buying Desks, Demand Side Platforms, Exchanges, Analytics and Modeling Companies, which is all good and fine, however it is hard to keep abreast of these changes and know which is best particularly as holding companies will only offer up their particular solution.

Theseus provides educational overviews of the market place and consultancy services on the best buying solutions for your campaigns.