Theseus Communications is a channel-agnostic group of strategists, who combine the disciplines of Account and Media Planning and have unparalleled knowledge and experience crafting campaigns and messaging for some of the most successful brands in history. 

Theseus was a greek hero -- the protector and liberator of Athens, bringer of democracy and a contemporary of Heracles.

Whereas Heracles survived solely by brawn: Theseus survived by his wits.

We believe, that an age wherein audiences continue to fragment, wherein the media ecosystem has evolved to Paid-Owned-Earned, wherein big data must be analyzed and leveraged immediately, and wherein there is no longer a "digital divide":  Theseus is just the sort of advisor that marketers want and need today. 

We provide the smartest, most lithe and most cost-effective strategies for improving a marketer's communications and increasing sales.


We provide strategies for and work with Brands, Creative Agencies, PR Agencies, Corporations, Programmatic Buying Companies, Trading Desks, Demand Side Platforms, Artists, Musicians and Start-Ups.  We do that in short-term or long-term engagements and partnerships and can manage a campaign process from incipient Strategy all the way through Optimization and Budget Stewardship.

Theseus also has a number of Lectures and Training Modules for Universities, Corporations and Agencies to help their executives, junior employees or students better understand Communications and Advertising. 

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To hear and watch a presentation on Communications Planning, given by our Founding Partner, which outlines much of our philosophy click below:

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