Strategic Integration

We believe that with an ever-increasing field of Trading Desks, Programmatic Buying Services, DSP's, Data Providers, Paid Search companies that the point of differentiation and added value for your clients will be in bringing Strategic Integration to their offerings.

Having been on the other side of the desk when given Programmatic Buys we understand the frustration and disconnect of client teams and media planning partners with programmatic buys.  Largely these have to do with lack of an integrated vision with the communications palette of any given client.  We believe that this unduly add to the "watermarking" period and does not provide the tools for the Programmatic buyer to test what might seem irrational approaches but might well prove to be beneficial approaches for the client's business.

Expressed another way we have found that algorithms and mathematic optimizations tend to all max out at the same place, to continue to increase effectiveness and efficiency  and to differentiate one's offering requires the infusion of qualitative factors and more comprehensive understand of the clients goals.

Theseus provides this "Strategic Layer" and can do this a one time audit of your full client base and/or recommendations on how to change your offering, sales tactics and staffing in order to effect marketplace leadership on an on going basis.