Theseus provides a number of seminars, lectures and classes to increase overall business knowledge and  effectiveness of your Students, Executives, and Junior Staff:


Everyone is Creative 
Einstein, when asked why he was more successful at developing new theories than his contemporaries, told his interviewer "imagination is more important than knowledge".  Steve Jobs when asked to describe his success simply replied "I stand at the intersection of technology and art".  With business in constant need of being remade, "thinking outside of the box" is no longer a luxury.  This battery of short lectures and exercises (and our most popular course) will put anyone's creative muscles into training and make "thinking outside the box" and problem solving less a burdensome or even an impossible task -- even in the most non-creative companies and cultures have benefited from these sessions.

Mania, Panics, Depressions, Technologic Obsolescence and the Future
Theseus has looked at business and technological history and responses of the culture and business and how the survivors... well survived.. and prospered and how these might apply to today's environment and how thinking about current problems through the lens of history might help you find better solutions.

The History of Advertising and Communications and What Works
This lecture looks at Advertising through time what has worked what hasn't and why that was the case.  We show how many of the commonly held notions about the reasons for the success of the most famous campaigns are misguided.   We also survey advertising measurement and how traditional and trends tend to become difficulties to achieving effective communications.

Philosophy, Myth, Psychology and Advertising
This lecture which will veer from Plato to the Gnostics, to Emerson to World Mythology, to Bauhaus, to Freud, to Jung, to Arendt, to Foucault, we survey how Classic, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Psychology and Myth provide an essential set of mental tools and concepts to better understand culture and build more effective communications and advertising.


The Digital Lens - SEM, SEO, CRM, Programmatic Buys, Display, Remarketing & Big Data
We review the current best practice in everything digital and show why companies can no longer think of their digital communications as being separate competencies and that potential; and how companies need to begin position themselves now to take advantage of and not to be taken of by Big Data. 

Management  Strategy and Tactics -- Effective Leadership
In school and throughout our professional careers we are taught to complete duties, meet deadlines, run better meetings but we are typically never thought how to lead and grow teams, groups, or divisions.  Theseus takes a look at leadership best practice from pre-history to today and how it might be applied by your management for higher morale, productivity gains and more business success.

Media Planning And Buying

The basic knowledge base for media professional or anyone who want to understand media (or at least what those media people are saying when they talk in those strings of anacronyms.  Includes modules on the following that can be grouped together into a battery of classes or presented seprately:

  • Media Math
  • Media Research
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Display
  • Paid Search
  • Programmatic Buying


The Psychology of Working Together
This intensive lecture, class and attendant exercises, reviews management and working types, how to identify those types and how to work with and manage most every type of personality to get the best from them.