Publicis and Facebook Announce...A Tempest in a Teacup

You might have already read the WSJ announcement last night that Publicis and Facebook have signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal. If you haven't read it, one can read it here:

The article explains that the deal will give Publicis enhanced data to use for targeting and that they will be able to use Video on Facebook/Instagram (owned by Facebook) to a greater degree, and that Facebook will be receiving a substantial amount of spend from Publicis clients.

I have already had a couple of emails this morning asking about how this deal is going to affect the marketplace.

Details in the article are vague, but I do suspect that It will have an effect, but not just for Publicis but for everyone.

The fact is that Facebook announced several new API enhancements with regards to targeting, the use of video, and tracking across both Facebook and Instagram just three weeks ago.Those enhancements sound suspiciously like the ones mentioned in the article, the only difference is that they were announced as open to everyone.

In other words, every trading desk worth their salt is probably already working on how to incorporate this data into their buys and targeting, not just the buyers at Publicis

Equally, as Publicis client's (Verizon, Coca-Cola etc) probably already spend millions of dollars on Facebook and Instagram and are the sort of advertiser who would be jumping head first into the just announced use of video on the sites; I'm not sure that saying that FB is going to making millions is really news as they would probably would have in any case.

I think the biggest winner here is for the PR people who put the story together. Brewing what seems to be a tempest in a teacup is what they are paid for: They seem to have done their jobs very well.