The New New Media...Magazines

I happened to live and work in a part of Brooklyn that has a high concentration of the people who will be shaping our culture now and probably for years to come. Film makers, fashion designers, musicians, internet start-ups, artists et cetera.

Over the past months, I've noticed that I'm seeing more people, 20-something people, who until recently only had a phone or pad in their hand, reading printed matter, sometimes books, but more usually -- magazines. 

Now these aren't Newsweek or People but Indie vertical interest publications such as Tiny Atlas, Lucky Peach, Printed Pages, Inventory, AS IF and so on.

As I was wondering if some trend was developing, as if on queue, last night, a friend of mine from college days wrote to me to tell me that she had finished collecting content from the campers of the summer camp she runs for artistically inclined 14-16 year olds. The content was their stories and poems, pictures of their paintings, and their performances and remembrances of remarkable things that happened at the camp during last summer.

I wrote back to ask her when she thought the website would be up. She wrote back to say that the campers didn't want to make a website, but wanted to publish a magazine because they wanted something that was "important and wouldn't be gone tomorrow".

One wonders if printed matter isn't turning into what vinyl was and is for music today. Something that communicates "stuff that is important" and won't be gone tomorrow.