Theseus Communications is a Marketing Strategy Consultancy.  It's Partners have hundreds of years experience in the Advertising and Media industry and are some of most awarded professionals in our generation.  

We currently offer a number of training courses, lectures and exercise modules for Universities, Corporations or Agencies.  For more detail on any of these offerings, our website's Learning and Development page can be reached by clicking here.

Our most popular and effective course and lectures are on Creativity.  These can tailored to solving one problem or issue, to reviewing existing ideas and renewing a brand or company, or to just learn about creativity and provide a boost in morale. 

Creativity and bringing Creative thinking, or "thinking outside of the box" to bear on business, governmental or even everyday problems is not something that most people can do on demand.  It takes training and exercise to think creatively.  Our training programs makes even the most "left brain" people creative. It leaves everyone stimulated, happier, more self-confident and more productive.  

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Some Universities, Brands and Companies who have benefited from our Creative Workshops:

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Our Programs Include: 

Creativity Lecture - The History and Uses of Creativity 

This two hour presentation and lecture shows that creativity has been the driving force behind most advancements today.  How those even in fields that aren't thought of being creative, creativity has helped them to their success.  We talk about the psychology of creativity and how it becomes mediative and can not only help with business and at school but in people's everyday lives.

One Day Intensive - "Problem-Solved" Seminar

This one-day session is meant to solve one problem or cluster of problems.   We start the morning with some exercises to get the brain thinking creatively and to let go of the task at hand.  In the afternoon, we tackle the task with various methods that will frame the task in a different light and allow people to step outside of the current thought patterns to see solutions that might have been "right in front of them" them the whole time.

One to Two Day Intensive -- Brand Immersion

This Immersion session usually takes a brand or a product and conducts survey and audits the brand for it's strengths and weaknesses  We scout and map the culture and the competition and where the brand sits in reference to the market.  We then look at the Communications, Packaging, the Web experience, CRM and other business elements to determine if there is a need to modify them in some way to deliver on the spirit of the brand or product.  

Note that Brand Immersions can be done with or without Marketing Agencies participation.   In several cases Immersions have been helpful in strained Brand and Agency relationships to provide third-party thinking and insight to the process. 

Six week - Creative Thinking as a Way of Life

This course takes place over a six weeks period and is meant as extracurricular course to develop creativity and team-building.  After an introductory lecture and discussion of the course framework the course participants meet twice a week to work on and show off projects assigned during the past meeting.  Projects can range from non-fiction or fiction writing, poetry, sculpture, painting, performance art, video installations, musical production, improvisation and so on.  No prior creative experience or knowledge is needed.  
This course is excellent for team building and morale and general employee happiness.  No one has every left this course without a smile and satisfaction.

Two to Three Day - Offsite Team Building and Morale Module

We can develop a whole battery of creativity exercise or individual module's around corporate offsites and team building retreats.  We find these to be every bit as effective as things like survivalist camping, paint ball, shouting session and the like and a whole lot less dangerous.  Let us know what your company needs are and what you are planning and we are sure to be able to create something to help make your offsite or retreat a success.

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Other Training and Learning Programs:

The History of Advertising -- We look at the history of advertising and why campaigns have been successful and others have failed.  We also survey the progression of major elements of advertising and how what we say and how we say it has developed over time and why most advertising fails today.

Philosophy, Myth, Psychology and Advertising -  Don't think that Plato or Zeus don't have anything to teach us about modern Advertising and Communications?  Think Again.  We survey how Classic, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Psychology and Myth provide an essential set of mental tools and concepts to better understand culture and build more effective communications and advertising.  Click here

The Digital Lens - SEM, SEO, CRM, Programmatic Buys, Display, Remarketing & Big Data  
This lecture surveys the current digital marketing elements and how critically linked each component is and that it is essential to get all working in optimized harmony. We also show how those not succeeding now will only find it harder to do so in the future. To learn more click here